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Health and Safety

At New State Builders the safety of our employees, sub-contractors, site visitors and the public is our number one priority.
Workplace Health and Safety is of critical importance in the planning, organisation and undertaking of New State Builders operations, underpinning our continuous goal of achieving zero harm at work. With this commitment in mind, our Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) is continually audited to ensure we meet and exceed industry best practice and standards. We commit to establish measurable objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement and the prevention of work related injuries and illness. A safe site is the cornerstone of an efficient work place.

Environmental Impact

New State Builders believe in a cleaner and greener future and have committed to adopt strategic and proactive environmental management techniques that will assist in protecting and enhancing the natural environment from any potential impacts that may occur from our subscribed activities. We are committed to minimising Environmental risk through the assistance of our audited Environmental Management system.
We have a commitment to develop a Culture of Environmental Awareness and Responsibility for all personnel working for and with the company. The nature of New State Builders activities places particular emphasis on research ability, experience and knowledge of environmental impacts of work operations. The major objective is to provide a framework for setting up and reviewing environmental objectives to suit the customer’s needs and meet legislative responsibilities.

Locals First

The New State Builders team are dedicated to managing opportunities for local economic participation. Embracing local communities and promoting local resources is of high priority for the team at NSB.
It’s about building a positive relationship for the long term and giving back to the community through employment opportunities.
Our Policy is to establish and maintain a level playing field for all stakeholders by giving local organisation’s the best opportunity to be successful through competitive pricing. Our policy aims to promote spending within the local area in which we work, stimulating the local economy, ensuring that value for money and quality are delivered,every time.

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